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Calypso Yacht Owners NY

Calypso Motor Yacht

Built in 1973 for Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wrather, this 72' Stephens yacht was originally christened “The Lone Ranger lV” in recognition of the TV and Radio show he created.

Calypso Motor Yacht

Affinity Yacht Owners NY

Affinity Motor Yacht

Welcome Aboard the newly refurbished Affinity! Climate controlled Main Salon, Bridal Suite, Buffet Salon, Wrap around covered Teak side Decks, U.S. Coast Guard Certified for 140 passengers plus crew, Top Deck: 72’ x 24’ with open air.

Affinity Motor Yacht

Spice Up Your Party with Yachts NY Premier Boat Rentals

Do you have a private party coming up soon in New York? Most likely, you are thinking of hosting it in your favorite club. Well, you will be surprised to know that most guests try to avoid parties if they are held in the same clubs they are accustomed to. If you want to spice up your party, think outside the box. A rental boat party NYC provides you with the chance to add glamour and an elegant touch to your party. Our Affinity Yacht charter for instance, accommodates 159 passengers on its two decks. This newly refurbished cruiser features a climate controlled main salon, buffet salon and a bridal suite.  If you have a wedding reception, think of the magnificent sights your guests will enjoy aboard this luxury yacht. The open air aft is a perfect observation spot to drink in the amazing Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building among other landmarks. There are two full-service bars for your guests and a state of the art sound system; LCD screens ensure everyone stays entertained throughout the cruise.

If you have a smaller group to entertain, our Calypso private yacht will do the trick. This 72 ft, 2-deck yacht offers a perfect getaway with buffet and cocktail style food and drinks service. There is a dining salon and adjoining cocktail booth on the main deck for your party guests to relax and interact. The immaculately designed décor gives a touch of prestige to your party. The world famous boat has been featured on The Sopranos, Law and Order, The Apprentice and many adverts. The Hemingway motif used to decorate the dining and cocktail salons is breathtaking and it is no wonder the Calypso is so highly regarded.

If you want a creative edge to your event, use a rental boat party NYC; your party will remain a highlight of your friend’s conversations for years to come.


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